Candidate Recruitment & Political Engagement

Chair: Open

Scope: This committee shall identify potential LGBTQI+ candidates for public office and appointed positions in government and work to get said persons to run or apply for these positions in accord with the mission of the organization. The committee shall identify ways to support said persons in their campaigns or applications for appointed positions. The committee shall also identify other ways the organization may wish to engage members in the political process, such as, but not limited to, canvassing, phone banking, and making endorsements.

Organizing & Advocacy

Chairs: Jeanne Smith

Scope: This committee shall recruit new members as well as identify policy issues of interest to the organization. With regards to these policies, the committee shall identify both policies that the organization may want to advance as well as oppose, including appropriate strategy and tactics to do so (e.g. coalition building with other community organizations and groups), in order to better fulfill the organization’s mission.


Chair: Novella Rose Shuck

Scope: This committee shall identity and pursue all appropriate means of gathering the revenue necessary to support the work of the organization above and beyond the collection of membership dues by voting members.