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The Stonewall Democrats of South Central Indiana (SD-SCI) is a grassroots political organization working to improve the lives of LGBTQI+ people at the local and state levels. We are aligned with the Democratic Party, but are formally independent of it. This arrangement means we can both have a seat at the table and hold candidates feet to the fire as Jeanne Smith, our President, likes to say. We are active in: Bartholomew, Owen, Greene, Morgan, Monroe, Lawrence, and Brown Counties. We welcome everyone who agrees with our basic goals to get involved and make positive change happen locally! As stipulated in our bylaws, the purpose of this organization is, at the local and state levels, to: recruit and support LGBTQI+ persons in order to increase the number of LGBTQI+ persons in elected and appointed positions; increase the participation of LGBTQI+ persons in the political process; increase the participation of LGBTQI+ persons in the political process; The organization shall conduct activities necessary or desirable to achieve these objectives. 2023 VOTERS GUIDE!


SD-SCI is lead collaboratively by a Steering Committee (elected) and Standing Committees (chairs appointed). We want our leadership to broadly reflect the diversity of our constituents, going so far as to enshrine this principle in our bylaws. But we cannot do so without active engagement in SD-SCI by many people with diverse backgrounds.
Steering Committee:
President: Jeanne Smith
Vice President: Melanie Davis
Secretary: Beth Clawson
Treasurer: Novella Rose Shuck
At-large Members: Deb Mitchell, Michelle Carr, Wayne Shepherd, Jonas Schrodt, Mia Seifers
Standing Committee Chairs:
Candidate Recruitment & Political Engagement: Jonas Schrodt
Organizing & Outreach: Jeanne Smith
Fundraising: Novella Rose Shuck


SD-SCI operates in accords with its bylaws and the policies—called resolutions—adopted by the Steering Committee. These bylaws and resolutions are meant to promote an effective organization that treats everyone fairly. If you see ways for us to improve, let a Steering Committee member know or run for a leadership position yourself!